Eastern Surfing Association

Northern South Carolina District

2017 Contest Entry Form

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Contest Name:*
Date of Birth:
Short Board Division:
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Step 2 of 2: Make Payment

Entry Fee $25. Added Events are $5. OPEN (shortboard) $15 .

Put Contest Name $25 Entry Fee

Additional $5.00 per Division

OPEN (shortboard) $15

Youth surfers will be permitted to surf up, providing they have membership in that division.

Additional entry fee’s will apply.  Age is determined on Jan. 1st 2018

Entry deadline is on the Wednesday prior to the contest @ 6pm.   Beach start @ 8am sharp!

Longboards must be 9 feet, except for menehune which need to be 3 feet longer than the surfer.

Beach entries are accepted on a space available basis. $10 late fee will apply.

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